Fall 2022 Seminar Series Schedule

ICES Seminars are formal day long visits. Scholars visit and meet with students and faculty of our center to share their research. The day includes the seminar presentation which is open to the public.

These seminars are held on Friday from 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST (see schedule for any changes). The seminars are currently being held virtually via Zoom. Contact ICES Office Manager (sbahabib@gmu.edu) to request Zoom links.

Please visit our Events archive to see previous speakers and topics.


Fall 2022 Schedule

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
August 26 The Minority Trap: Minority Status Drives Women Out of Male-Dominated Fields | Abstract Xiaoyue Shan University of Pennsylvania
September 2 Revealed Incomplete Preferences | Abstract Kirby Nielsen California Institute of Technology
September 9 Power, Property Rights, and the Dynamics of Local Wealth Appropriation | Abstract Roger Lagunoff Georgetown University
September 16 Sustained exposure to fact-checks can inoculate citizens against misinformation in the Global South | Abstract Horacio Larreguy Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)
September 23 Women's Empowerment and the Intrinsic Demand for Agency: Experimental Evidence from Nigeria | Abstract Kenneth Leonard University of Maryland
September 30 Career incentives and corruption: A lab experiment | Abstract Cesar Martinelli Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science (GMU)
October 7 Moral Echo Chambers and Outgroup Hate | Abstract Mohammad Atari Harvard University
SPECIAL TALK on Monday, October 10 Attention Theory | Abstract Soo Hong Chew National University of Singapore
October 14 The Parent Trap: How to Stop Overloading Parents and Fix Our Inequality Crisis | Abstract Nate G. Hilger Author
October 21 Breaking Bad: Malfunctioning Institutions Erode Good Behavior | Abstract Agne Kajackaite University of Milan
December 2 The Hidden Games that Shape our Beliefs and Preferences | Abstract Moshe Hoffman Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology and Harvard University