ICES Lab Image

The main ICES laboratories are located in room 419 of Enterprise Hall on the Fairfax campus. One lab contains 28 computer terminals and a smaller lab contains 10 computer terminals. The majority of economics experiments take place at this location. ICES also utilizes facilities on the Mason Square campus. Recently, ICES has also been conducting online experiments.


Are you a GMU student? Want to earn money for participating in an ICES experiment?

ICES is looking for students to join our subject pool. ICES experiments are conducted in the lab located in Enterprise Hall. Students will play games and fill out surveys, then get paid in cash immediately after each session. Sessions last 1-2 hours, and most students make about $20/hour. 

Please visit our recruiter website to learn more and to sign up to be a participant in ICES experiments. After signing up, you will receive invitations to participate in experiments on human behavior and decision making.