Working Papers


  • ICES 2019-01, César Martinelli and Marco Vega “The Economic Legacy of General Velasco: Long-Term Consequences of Interventionism”


  • ICES 2018-05, Mikhail Freer and César Martinelli “A Functional Approach to Revealed Preference”
  • ICES 2018-04, David Austen-Smith and César Martinelli “Optimal Exploration”
  • ICES 2018-03 (updated version, please contact authors for original draft), César Martinelli and Marco Vega, “Monetary and Fiscal History of Peru 1960-2017: Radical Policy Experiments, Inflation and Stabilization”
  • ICES 2018-02 (updated version, please contact authors for original draft), Weiwei Tasch and Daniel Houser “Social Preferences and Social Curiosity”
  • ICES 2018-01, Mikhail Freer, Cesar Martinelli, and Siyu Wang “Collective Experimentation: A Laboratory Study”


  • ICES 2017-04, Cesar Martinelli and Thomas R. Palfrey “Communication and Information in Games of Collective Decision: A Survey of Experimental Results”
  • ICES 2017-03, Shuwen Li, Xiandong Qin, and Daniel Houser “Revisiting Gender Differences in Ultimatum Bargaining: Experimental Evidence from the US and China”
  • ICES 2017-02, Jianxin Wang, Daniel Houser, and Hui Xu “Do Females Always Generate Small Bubbles? Experimental Evidence from U.S. and China”
  • ICES 2017-01, Joy A. Buchanan and Daniel Houser “What if Wages Fell During a Recession?”


  • ICES 2016-05, Joy A. Buchanan, Matthew K. McMahon, Matthew Simpson, and Bart J. Wilson “Smile, Dictator, You’re on Camera”
  • ICES 2016-04, Mikhail Freer and Mariia Titova “Matching with Quotas”
  • ICES 2016-03, Luigi Butera and Daniel Houser “Delegating Altruism: Toward an Understanding of Agency in Charitable Giving”
  • ICES 2016-02, Cesar Martinelli and Mikhail Freer “A Representation Theorem for General Revealed Preference”
  • ICES 2016-01 (updated version, please contact authors for original draft), Cesar Martinelli and Mikhail Freer “General Revealed Preferences”


  • ICES 2015-08, Cesar Martinelli, Susan W. Parker, Ana Cristina Pérez-Gea and Rodimiro Rodrigo “Cheating and Incentives: Learning from a Policy Experiment”
  • ICES 2015-07, John Duggan and César Martinelli “Electoral Accountability and Responsive Democracy”
  • ICES 2015-06, John Duggan and César Martinelli “The Political Economy of Dynamic Elections: A Survey and Some New Results”
  • ICES 2015-05, Alejandro Castañeda and César Martinelli “Political Economics of Broadcast Media”
  • ICES 2015-04, Daniel Houser, John A. List, Marco Piovesan, Anya Samek, and Joachim Winter “Dishonesty: From Parents to Children”
  • ICES 2015-03, Siyu Wang and Daniel Houser “Demanding or Deferring? The Economic Value of Communication with Attitude”
  • ICES 2015-02 (updated version, please contact authors for original draft), Mikhail Freer and Mariia Titova “Many to Many Matching Problem with Quotas”
  • ICES 2015-01, Johanna Mollerstrom, Bjorn-Atle Reme, and Erik Ø. Sørensen “Luck, Choice and Responsibility: An Experimental Study of Fairness Views”


  • ICES 2014-08, Mounir Karadja, Johanna Mollerstrom, and David Seim “Richer (and Holier) than Thou? The Effect of Relative Income Improvements on Demand for Redistribution”
  • ICES 2014-07, Rong Rong and Daniel Houser “Exploring Network Behavior Using Cluster Analysis”
  • ICES 2014-06, Daniel Houser, David M. Levy, Kail Padgitt, Sandra J. Peart, and Erte Xiao, “Raising the Price of Talk: An Experimental Analysis of Transparent Leadership”
  • ICES 2014-05, Li Hao, Daniel Houser, Lei Mao, and Marie Claire Villeval, “A Field Study of Chinese Migrant Workers’ Attitudes Toward Risks, Strategic Uncertainty, and Competitiveness”
  • ICES 2014-04, Rong Rong and Daniel Houser, “Deception in Networks: A Laboratory Study”
  • ICES 2014-03, Jingnan (Cecilia) Chen, Daniel Houser, Natalia Montinari, and Marco Piovesan, “Beware Of Popular Kids Bearing Gifts: A Framed Field Experiment”
  • ICES 2014-02, Joy Buchanan and Bart Wilson, “An Experiment on Protecting Intellectual Property”
  • ICES 2014-01, Erte Xiao and Daniel Houser, “Sign Me Up! A Model and Field Experiment on Volunteering”


  • ICES 2013-06, Susan Yeh and Daniel L. Chen, “The Construction of Morals”
  • ICES 2013-05, Jingnan (Cecilia) Chen and Daniel Houser, “Broken Contracts and Hidden Partnerships: Theory and Experiment”
  • ICES 2013-04 (updated version, please contact authors for original draft), Luigi Butera and Jeffrey Horn, “Good News, Bad News, and Social Image: The Market for Charitable Giving”
  • ICES 2013-03, Marco Castillo, Gregory Leo, and Ragan Petrie, “Room Effects”
  • ICES 2013-02, Li Hao and Daniel Houser, “Perceptions, Intentions, and Cheating”
  • ICES 2013-01, Jingnan (Cecilia) Chen and Daniel Houser, “Promises and Lies: An Experiment on Detecting Deception”


  • ICES 2012-08, Jared Barton, Marco Castillo, and Ragan Petrie, “Going Negative: The Persuasive Effect of Tone and Information on Campaign Fundraising and Voter Turnout”
  • ICES 2012-07, Marco Castillo, David Dickinson, and Ragan Petrie, “Cognitive Resource Depletion, Choice Consistency, and Risk Preferences”
  • ICES 2012-06, Rong Rong and Daniel Houser, “Growing Stars: A Laboratory Analysis of Network Formation”
  • ICES 2012-05, Daniel Houser, Natalia Montinari, and Marco Piovesan, “Private and Public Decisions in Social Dilemmas: Evidence from Children’s Behavior”
  • ICES 2012-04, Marco Cipriani, Ana Fostel, and Daniel Houser, “Leverage and Asset Prices: An Experiment”
  • ICES 2012-03, Sarah Jacobson and Ragan Petrie, “Favor Trading in Public Good Provision”
  • ICES 2012-02, Jared Barton, Marco Castillo, and Ragan Petrie, “What Persuades Voters? A Field Experiment on Political Campaigning”
  • ICES 2012-01, Jason A. Aimone and Daniel Houser, “Harnessing the Benefits of Betrayal Aversion”


  • ICES 2011-11, Marco Castillo, Ragan Petrie, Maximo Torero, and Lise Vesterlund, “Gender Differences in Bargaining Outcomes: A Field Experiment on Discrimination”
  • ICES 2011-10, Xiaofei (Sophia) Pan and Daniel Houser, “Social Approval, Competition and Cooperation”
  • ICES 2011-09, Omar Al-Ubaydli, Daniel Houser, John Nye, Maria Pia Paganelli, and Xiaofei (Sophia) Pan, “The Causal Effect of Market Participation on Trust: An Experimental Investigation Using Randomized Control”
  • ICES 2011-08, Marco Castillo and Michael Carter, “Behavioral Responses to Natural Disasters”
  • ICES 2011-07, Omar Al-Ubaydli and Peter Boettke, “Markets as Economizers of Information: Field Experimental Examination of the Hayek Hypothesis”
  • ICES 2011-06, Omar Al-Ubaydli, Garett Jones, and Jaap Weel, “Patience, Cognitive Skill and Coordination in the Repeated Stag Hunt”
  • ICES 2011-05, Omar Al-Ubaydli and Min Sok Lee, “Can Tailored Communications Motivate Volunteers? A Field Experiment”
  • ICES 2011-04, Xiaofei (Sophia) Pan and Daniel Houser, “Competition for Trophies Triggers Male Generosity”
  • ICES 2011-02, Daniel Klein, Xiaofei (Sophia) Pan, Daniel Houser, and Gonzalo Schwarz, “Experiment on the Demand for Encompassment”
  • ICES 2011-01, Daniel Houser, Stefan Vetter, and Joachim Winter, “Fairness and Cheating”


  • ICES 2010-04, Eskil Ullberg, “Coordinating Inventive and Innovative Decisions Through Markets with Prices: An Experimental Study of Patent Markets with Transparent Prices”
  • ICES 2010-03, Eskil Ullberg, “From Personal to Impersonal Exchange in Ideas: An Experimental Study of Patent Markets with Transparent Prices”
  • ICES 2010-2, Eskil Ullberg, “The Problem of Trading Patents in Organized Markets: A Dynamic Experimental Microeconomic System Model and Informal Price Theory”
  • ICES 2010-01, Li Hao and Daniel Houser, “Getting It Right the First Time: Belief Elicitation with Novice Participants”


  • ICES 2009-06, Jian Li, Erte Xiao, Daniel Houser and P. Read Montague, “Neural Responses to Sanction Threats in Two-Party Economic Exchange”
  • ICES 2009-05, Daniel Houser, Sandra Ludwig and Thomas Stratmann, “Does deceptive advertising reduce political participation? Theory and evidence”
  • ICES 2009-04, Daniel Houser and Erte Xiao, “Inequality-Seeking Punishment”
  • ICES 2009-03, Alessandro Bucciol, Daniel Houser and Marco Piovesan, “Temptation at Work: A Field Experiment on Willpower and Productivity”
  • ICES 2009-02, Omar Al-Ubaydli and Min Sok Lee, “Do You Reward and Punish In The Way You Think Others Expect You To?
  • ICES 2009-01, Omar Al-Ubaydli, “How Large Looms the Ghost of the Past? State-Dependence vs. Heterogeneity in the Stag Hunt”


  • ICES 2008-04, Daniel Houser, Rebecca Morton and Thomas Stratmann, “Turned Off or Turned Out? Campaign Advertising, Information, and Voting”
  • ICES 2008-03, Omar Al-Ubaydli and Min Sok Lee, “An Experimental Study of Asymmetric Reciprocity”
  • ICES 2008-02, Jason A. Aimone and Daniel Houser, “What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You: A Laboratory Analysis of Betrayal Aversion”
  • ICES 2008-01, Jason A. Aimone, “An Empirical Test of the Heckman and Rubinstein GED Mixed-Signal: Evidence from Prison”


  • ICES 2007-01, Erte Xiao and Daniel Houser, “Emotion Expression and Fairness in Economic Exchange”