The PhD program in the Department of Economics at George Mason University prepares students for stimulating careers as economists in sectors such as academia, government and business.

Every year, a number of incoming PhD-students with an interest in experimental economics become affiliated with the Interdisciplinary Center for Economics Science (ICES) through a Graduate Research Assistantship. ICES provides these students with a funding package that includes a stipend, health insurance, and tuition coverage. ICES faculty will also work closely with these students to develop research ideas and projects. In addition, ICES organizes a weekly seminar series in experimental economics that gives students exposure to top scholars in the field from other universities and research organizations.

PhD students at ICES complete the core coursework in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. In addition, they take classes taught by ICES faculty to ensure that they master the qualitative and quantitative techniques necessary to conduct research at the forefront of experimental economics.

If you are interested in a PhD with a focus on experimental economics, we encourage you to apply to the Economics PhD program at George Mason. Please mention in your application that you have a special interest in experimental economics and ICES. For funding consideration, applications are accepted until February 1 here.

For more general information about the PhD program in Economics at George Mason University, please contact the Economics Graduate Studies Office (econgrad@gmu.edu). For more questions regarding a PhD at ICES and funding, please contact the ICES Office Manager (icesinfo@gmu.edu).