Spring 2022 Seminar Series Schedule

ICES Seminars are formal day long visits. Scholars visit and meet with students and faculty of our center to share their research. The day includes the seminar presentation which is open to the public.

These seminars are held on Friday from 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST (see schedule for any changes). The seminars are currently being held virtually via Zoom. Contact ICES Office Manager (sbahabib@gmu.edu) to request Zoom links.

Please visit our Events archive to see previous speakers and topics.


Spring 2022 Schedule

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
January 28 Measuring Norms using the BESA method | Abstract Diego Aycinena Del Rosario University
February 4 Your Place in the World: Relative Income and Global Inequality | Abstract Johanna Mollerstrom Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science (GMU)
February 11 After the Financial Crisis: The Evolution of the Global Income Distribution Between 2008 and 2013 | Abstract Branko Milanovic City University of New York
February 18 Sources of Inequality at Birth:  the Interplay Between Genes and Parental Socioeconomic Status | Abstract Pietro Biroli University of Zurich
March 4 Experimental Evidence on the Role of Outside Obligations in Wage Negotiations | Abstract Laura Razzolini University of Alabama
March 11 An Experimental Analysis of Daily Income Effects in Labor Supply | Abstract Alec Brandon Johns Hopkins University
March 25 Do Financial Incentives Have Negative Unintended Consequences? Evidence From Payments For Vaccinations | Abstract Pol Campos-Mercade University of Copenhagen
April 8 Kin-based Institutions and Economic Development | Abstract Jonathan Beauchamp George Mason University
April 29 Gender, Beliefs, and Coordination with Externalities | Abstract Tim Cason Purdue University
May 6 The Evolution of Networks and Homophily | Abstract Leeat Yariv Princeton University