Brown Bag Lectures

ICES Brown Bag Lectures are designed to be an informal presentation series for speakers or topics that do not fit the Friday Seminar format but that may be of interest to ICES faculty and students. These speakers may be non-students, faculty, researchers, or those in industry or government. ICES students and faculty are welcome to present as well.

These lectures are held on Thursday from 12:00 - 1:00 PM (see schedule for any changes). 

Please visit our Events archive to see previous speakers and topics.


Spring 2024 Schedule

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
January 19 Cryptocurrencies: Experiments on Individual Attitudes and Perceptions | Abstract Sarah Sylvester George Mason University
Wednesday, February 14 Match Stability with a Costly and Flexible Number of Positions | Abstract David Porter Chapman University
March 14 Disconnecting Financial Markets: Experimental Evidence | Abstract Duan Liu George Mason University
Wednesday, March 20 Emotional Intelligence at the Helm: Unveiling Its Influence on Store Performance | Abstract Jingqiu Chen Shanghai Jiao Tong University
March 21 Estimating the Heritability of Economic Traits with Molecular Genetic Data | Abstract Gareth Markel George Mason University
March 28 Why Do People Protest? A Theory of Emotions, Public Policy, and Political Unrest | Abstract Ruolong Xiao George Mason University
April 11 When District Attorneys Decide: Election Cycles and Prosecuting Behaviors | Abstract Jinpeng Shi George Mason University
Friday, April 12 at 4PM A Model of Reputation-Motivated Vote Trading and Its Implications | Abstract Nick Brown George Mason University
April 18 Optimal Search in the Public Goods Games with Multiple Periods | Abstract Qijun Zhu George Mason University
Friday, April 19 at 4PM Using (merit-based) default to reduce gender gaps in contribution of ideas: Evidence from an online experiment | Abstract Shan Gui George Mason University
April 25 TBA Kun Qian George Mason University