ICES Experimental Economics Brown Bag Lecture

Emotional Intelligence at the Helm: Unveiling Its Influence on Store Performance

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EDT
Vernon Smith Hall (formerly Metropolitan Building), Room 5075

The Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science (ICES) presents an ICES Brown Bag Lecture featuring:

Jingqiu Chen

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Emotional Intelligence at the Helm: Unveiling Its Influence on Store Performance





The rapid growth of China's retail sector is a key driver of consumer spending and broader economic progress. In this dynamic landscape, the competencies and leadership qualities of store managers emerge as vital determinants of retail success. This research proposal delves into a pharmaceutical retail chain in Southwest China to assess how store managers' emotional intelligence (EQ) influences the performance of their stores. The study is designed to employ a dual-perspective approach to understand the positive impact of high EQ among managers on store outcomes. The first perspective focuses on the application of social norms, aiming to explore how high-EQ managers can leverage these to bolster team effectiveness and overall store performance. The second perspective examines the role of implicit personality theory, investigating how managers can shape customers' perceptions of warmth and competence, thereby enhancing customer engagement and sales in various regions. This approach is anticipated to yield a comprehensive evaluation of emotional intelligence's contribution to managerial success in the retail context. The goal is to not only contribute valuable insights to the academic discourse on emotional intelligence and leadership but also to provide actionable recommendations for improving retail management practices.


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