ICES Experimental Economics Brown Bag Lecture

Asymmetric Shocks in Contests: Theory and Experiment

Thursday, December 10, 2020 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
Online Location, Zoom Meeting

The Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science (ICES) presents an ICES Brown Bag Lecture featuring:

Jian Song

George Mason University

Asymmetric Shocks in Contests: Theory and Experiment 


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Under optimal tournament design, we would expect agents to exert same efforts regardless of the shape of the contest function’s error component. We report data from laboratory experiments that provide a first test of this prediction. We find that efforts do not significantly differ when the shock distribution exhibits negative skewness versus a uniform distribution. However, subjects react substantially differently to random shock realizations under different treatments. Specifically, tournament winners demonstrate stronger reactions, economically and statistically, to negatively-skewed shocks than to uniform shocks. Meanwhile, tournament losers are less likely to be affected by negatively-skewed shocks. Our results highlight the importance of accounting for the influence of the shape of the shock distribution on a contest participant’s effort.


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