Job Market Candidates

2023-2024 Candidates

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Edgar Castro Mendez

Job Market Paper: “Price Distortions and Hoarding: An Experiment”

Committee: Cesar Martinelli (advisor), Daniel Houser, and Thomas Stratmann

Research Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics and Political Economy

Teaching Fields: Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Antitrust and Regulation



Amberly Dozier

Job Market Paper: “Risk Attitudes in the Nutrition Domain”

Committee: Thomas Stratmann (advisor), Cesar Martinelli, and Johanna Mollerstrom

Research Fields: Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Microeconomic Policy, Empirical Economics

Teaching Fields: Econometrics, Microeconomics 



Shan Gui

Job Market Paper: “Non-clairvoyant Dynamic Mechanism Design: Experimental Evidence”

Committee: Daniel Houser (advisor), Cesar Martinelli, Johanna Mollerstrom, and Thomas Stratmann

Research Fields: Behavioral and experimental economics, Political game theory

Teaching Fields: Microeconomics, Game Theory, Experimental Economics, Econometrics



Sarah Sylvester

Job Market Paper: "Cryptocurrencies: Experiments on Individual Attitudes and Perceptions"

Committee: Kevin McCabe (advisor), Daniel Houser, and Johanna Mollerstrom

Research Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Monetary Economics

Teaching Fields: Experimental Economics, Managerial Economics, Law and Economics



Yi Tian

Job Market Paper: "The Effect of Anticipated Future Interaction on Parochial Altruism"

Committee: Daniel Houser (advisor), Kevin McCabe, and Johanna Mollerstrom

Research and Teaching Fields:  Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Identity Economics, Monetary Economics, Organization Behavior





2022-2023 Candidates

Yue Deng

Job Market Paper: “The Opioid Crisis and Secondary Markets: Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment”

Committee: Daniel Houser (advisor), Thomas Stratmann, Alexander Tabarrok

Research Fields: Behavioral and experimental economics, Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics

Teaching Fields: Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Econometrics