ICES Seminar in Experimental Economics and Game Theory

The Third Way Structural Models Meet RCTs

Friday, October 13, 2023 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EDT
Vernon Smith Hall (formerly Metropolitan Building), 5183


The ICES Seminar in Experimental Economics and Game Theory of the Fall 2023 semester will feature:

Sebastian Galiani

University of Maryland

The Third Way Structural Models Meet RCTs



The talk is based on three papers:

  • Galiani and Pantano [2023] “Structural Models”, in Handbook of Labor, Human Resources
    and Population Economics (see also earlier NBER working paper version entitled “Structural Models: Inception and Frontier”)
  • Galiani, Murphy, and Pantano [2015] “Estimating Neighborhood Choice Models: Lessons from a
    Housing Assistance Experiment”, American Economic Review 
  • Galiani, Pantano, and Shi [2023] “Model-Aided Identification of Policy Effects using RCTs”,
    work in progress

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