Spring 2023 Brown Bag Lectures Schedule

ICES Brown Bag Lectures are designed to be an informal presentation series for speakers or topics that do not fit the Friday Seminar format but that may be of interest to ICES faculty and students. These speakers may be non-students, faculty, researchers, or those in industry or government. ICES students and faculty are welcome to present as well.

These lectures are held on Thursday from 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST (see schedule for any changes). 

Please visit our Events archive to see previous speakers and topics.


Spring 2023 Schedule

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
January 26 Social Norm Obedience is the Primary Source of the Gender Competitiveness Gap Jianxin Wang Central South University
February 9 The Effect of Voting on Political Preferences | Abstract Siyu Wang Wichita State University
March 2 Consumer Information, Heterogeneous Sellers, and Oligopolistic Competition | Abstract Ruolong Xiao George Mason University
March 30 Who am I if we are not us? An experimental study on identity dissipation | Abstract Yi Tian George Mason University
April 6 Market Welfare, Connected and Disconnected Market: An Experimental Design | Abstract Duan Liu George Mason University
April 20 Motivated Beliefs and Future Desired Effort | Abstract Kun Qian George Mason University
Monday, April 24 Starving for Information? An Experiment in Willingness to Pay for Nutritional Attributes | Abstract Amberly Dozier George Mason University
April 27 Estimating the Heritability of Economic Traits with Molecular Genetic Data | Abstract Gareth Markel George Mason University
May 4 Working for a Cause, for a Party, or for the Government: An experimental investigation of the labor supply responses to charitable giving, political donations, and taxation | Abstract William Hickman George Mason University
May 11 The Career Effects of Union Membership | Abstract Samuel Dodini Norwegian School of Economics