Fall 2021 Seminar Series Schedule

ICES Seminars are formal day long visits. Scholars visit and meet with students and faculty of our center to share their research. The day includes the seminar presentation which is open to the public.

These seminars are held on Friday from 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST (see schedule for any changes). The seminars are currently being held virtually via Zoom. Contact ICES Office Manager (sbahabib@gmu.edu) to request Zoom links.

Please visit our Events archive to see previous speakers and topics.


Fall 2021 Schedule

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
September 3 Using Google Search Data in Social Science Research | Abstract Seth Stephens-Davidowitz Author
September 10 The effect of a "None of the above" ballot paper option on voting behavior and election outcomes | Abstract Ben Greiner Vienna University
September 17 Minority Turnout and Representation under Cumulative Voting. An Experiment. | Abstract Alessandra Casella Columbia University
October 1 Contests Within and Between Groups: Theory and Experiment | Abstract Puja Bhattacharya University of Arkansas
October 15 A Theory of Simplicity in Games and Mechanism Design | Abstract Peter Troyan University of Virginia
October 22 Repugnant Transactions: On the Role of Agency and Extreme Consequences | Abstract Dorothea Kübler WZB Berlin Social Science Research Center and Technical University of Berlin
November 12 The Moral Machine Experiment | Abstract Edmond Awad University of Exeter
November 19 The Impact of Exposure to Armed Conflict on Risk and Ambiguity Attitudes | Abstract Neslihan Uler University of Maryland
December 3 Are Thoughts and Prayers Substitutes for Material Aid?| Abstract Linda Thunström University of Wyoming