Masks at Mason

Masks at Mason
CLS major Shelby Adams, doing her part to keep her fellow Patriots and her community safe.

Patriots protect Patriots, and wearing a face covering is required on Mason’s campuses, especially in university buildings. It’s a small but powerful way to #DoYourPartMason.

Research has shown that we can reduce the rate of COVID-19 spread by up to 75% when everyone wears one.

According to University Policy Number 1415, all Mason faculty, staff, students, guests, vendors, and visitors must wear face coverings on campus and in university buildings (including during class). Masks are required:

  • Inside a university building, vehicle, or other facility.
  • Outside on Mason property when physical distancing of six feet cannot be consistently maintained.
  • At any event or gathering organized by a university department, student group, or external organization.  

Exceptions to this rule, and CDC guidance on types of appropriate face coverings, are detailed in Policy Number 1415.

Let's all do our part in our #SafeReturnToCampus: learn more about Mason's work to learn safely here