Brown Bag Schedule

Brown Bags are held in room 5075 of Vernon Smith Hall (formerly Metropolitan Bilding) on GMU’s Arlington campus, from 12:00-1:00pm. Please visit our Seminar archive to see previous speakers and topics.

Spring 2018

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
February 8 Social Mobility in the Russia of the Revolutions: A Surname Study 1879-2016 | Abstract John V.C. Nye George Mason University
February 15 Feel the Power of the Dark Side: Experimental Evidence on the Battle of Norms | Abstract Eugen Dimant University of Pennsylvania
Wednesday, February 21 Appeasing Yourself or Others Using Either Self-Punishment or Compensation | Abstract Tim Friehe University of Marburg
March 22 3:30-4:30 PM On Cooperation in Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma Games: A Stress Test of the Basin of Attraction of Always Defect | Abstract Daniela Puzzello University of Indiana, Bloomington
April 12 Revealed Markov Strategies Arthur Dolgopolov George Mason University