Job Market Candidates


2019-2020 Candidates

Elif Demiral

Job Market Paper“Competitiveness and Employability”

CommitteeJohanna Mollerstrom (advisor)

Research Fields: Primary: Experimental Economics, Gender Economics | Secondary: Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics


Arthur Dolgopolov

Job Market Paper“Reconstructing Strategies in Dynamic Games”

CommitteeCesar Martinelli (advisor), Daniel Houser, and Igor Griva

Research Fields: Primary: Game Theory, Experimental Economics  | Secondary: Microeconomic Theory, Revealed Preference

Teaching Fields: Microeconomics, Game theory, Experimental Economics, Applied Optimization


Weiwei Zheng

Job Market Paper“Competition with Indivisibilities and Few Traders”

CommitteeCesar Martinelli (advisor), Daniel Houser, Kevin McCabe, Jason Shachat

Research Fields: Primary: Experimental Economics, Microeconomics | Secondary: Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Monetary Economics



2018-2019 Candidates

Weiwei Tasch

Job Market Paper“Social Preferences and Social Curiosity”

CommitteeDaniel Houser (advisor), Kevin McCabe and Thomas Stratmann

Research Fields: Primary: Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics | Secondary: Experimental Economics, Public Economics, Political Economy

Teaching Fields: Macroeconomics & Microeconomics, Experimental & Behavioral Economics, International Political Economy, Public Economics, Statistics & Econometrics