ICES Faculty at 2011 ASSA Meeting

Events, News | December 28, 2010

ICES faculty and students will join their colleagues at the 2011 ASSA Annual Meeting in Denver from January 6th to the 9th.

The ASSA is the world’s largest annual gathering of economists and ICES is looking forward to sharing our research. This year’s job-market candidates, Jason Aimone and Li Hao, will be in attendance. Below are sessions featuring ICES faculty research; see the complete program here for a full listing of sessions, papers, and speakers.

Friday, January 7th, 10:15 AM

Session D3, Hyatt Regency, Mineral Hall A:

Self-Control, Self-Confidence, and Self-Deception

  • Daniel Houser, Paper Under Discussion: Temptation and Commitment in the Laboratory (co-authored with Daniel Schunk, Joachim Winter, and Erte Xiao)

Session Q5, Sheraton, Governor’s Square 10:

Using Field Experiments in Environmental and Resource Economics

  • Omar Al-Ubaydli, Paper Under Discussion: Can Tailored Communications Motivate Environmental Volunteers? A Natural Field Experiment (co-authored with Min Sok Lee)

Friday, January 7th, 2:30 PM

Session C9, Hyatt Regency, Mineral Hall F:

Groups in Economic Decision Making

Saturday, January 8th, 8:00 AM

Session C9, Hyatt Regency, Mineral Hall D & E:

Norms and Ethical Behavior

  • Daniel Houser, Paper Under Discussion: Fairness and Cheating (co-authored with Stefan Vetter and Joachim Winter)

Saturday, January 8th, 12:30 PM

Session I1, Hyatt Regency, Capitol 7:

Health Insurance and Health Outcomes

Sunday, January 9th, 10:15 AM

Session J2, Sheraton, Governor’s Square 16:

The Economics of Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills

  • Omar Al-Ubaydli, Paper Under Discussion: A Study of Trader Attributes and Trader Performance (co-authored with James Heckman, John List, and Michael Price)

Sunday, January 9th, 1:00 PM

Session I2, Sheraton, Terrace:

Economics of Education

  • Marco Castillo and Ragan Petrie, Paper Under Discussion: The Today and Tomorrow of Kids (co-authored with Paul Ferraro and Jeffrey L. Jordan)

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