ICES Brown Bag for December 5

Events, Seminars | November 26, 2018

Join us for the ICES Brown Bag Lecture of the Fall 2018 semester, featuring Weiwei Tasch.

Mrs. Tasch will discuss her job market paper (co-authored with Dr. Daniel Houser) Social Preferences and Social Curiosity (Abstract). The talk will take place on Wednesday, December 5th, from 12:00 to 1:00pm, in room 5075 of the Vernon Smith Hall (formerly Metropolitan Building), Arlington campus.

Coffee and dessert will be provided.

Please visit the Brown Bag Schedule to learn more about the Brown Bag series.


Social preferences have been implicated in many important economic behaviors. Building on Fehr and Schmidt (1999), we here investigate connections between social preferences and the demand for information about others’ economic decisions and outcomes, which we denote “social curiosity.” Using data from laboratory experiments with sequential public goods games, we estimate guilt and envy at the individual level, and examine their impact on social curiosity. We find that those with greater sensitivity to guilt display greater social curiosity. Further, we find that social curiosity is beneficial in that knowing others’ economic decisions and outcomes promotes cooperation and economic efficiency.

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