Houser Teaches at Behavioral Economics Summer School

Feature Story, News | September 20, 2010

Professor Daniel Houser participated as a faculty member at the 2010 ICABEEP Summer School in Behavioral Economics and Economic Psychology.

To view the opening day presentation by the summer school faculty, including Professor Houser’s talk “Temptation and Economic-Decision Making,” visit the summer school schedule. The slides that accompanied the talk are also available, as well as recommended readings for all of the opening presentations.

Professor Houser also participated in a mini-conference entitled “Rationality, Behavior, Experiment” while at the summer school. Visit the conference schedule for all of the sessions and presentations, including Houser’s talk on how “ Competition for Trophies Triggers Male Generosity.”

The program, which ran from August 22 to September 3rd at the National Research University – Higher School of Economics in Moscow, made its mission

to involve the new generation of researchers in the field of behavioral economics and economic psychology; to provide participants with an interdisciplinary and open-minded view of the study of economic behavior and economic issues; to facilitate better mutual understanding of young economists and psychologists; [and] to promote future interdisciplinary and international collaboration in the field.

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