Fall 2017 Seminar Schedule

Events, Seminars | August 6, 2017

The Fall 2017 ICES Seminar in Experimental Economics and Game Theory schedule is now posted.

Seminars are held in room 5183 of Vernon Smith Hall (formerly Metropolitan Building) on GMU’s Arlington campus, from 4:00-5:00pm. Please visit our Seminar archive to see previous speakers and topics.

Fall 2017

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
September 1 Matching Soulmates Myrna Wooders Vanderbilt University
September 8 Money and Politics: The Effects of Campaign Spending Limits on Political Competition and Incumbency Advantage Claudio Ferraz Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro
September 15 Decomposing Models of Bounded Rationality Ryan Kendall University College London
September 22 When Should the Jurors Talk? | Abstract Andrei Gomberg Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
September 29 Separated Decisions Alex Brown Texas A&M University
October 13 A Theory of Experimenters Sergio Montero University of Rochester
Thursday, October 19 12:00-1:00pm Room 5075 To the Victor Belong the Spoils? Party Membership and Public Sector Employment in Brazil| Abstract Fernanda Brollo University of Warwick
October 27 Behind the Veil of Ignorance: Risk Aversion or Inequality Aversion? Jason Shachat Durham University
Wednesday, November 8 12:00-1:00pm Room 5075 The Dark Side of the Vote: Biased Voters, Social Information, and Information Aggregation Through Majority Voting Rebecca Morton New York University, Abu Dhabi
Rescheduled to Spring Rescheduled to Spring Joseph Harrington University of Pennsylvania
December 1 Voting Corrupt Politicians Out of Office: Evidence from an Experiment in Paraguay | Abstract Stephane Straub Toulouse School of Economics
Rescheduled to Spring Rescheduled to Spring Erkut Ozbay University of Maryland, College Park

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