Fall 2010 Seminar Schedule

Events, Seminars | September 1, 2010

The Fall 2010 Seminar Series schedule is now posted. Please visit our Seminar archive to see previous speakers and topics.

Fall 2010

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
September 10 Reputation for Reciprocity Engages the Brain Reward Center Kevin McCabe George Mason University
September 17 The Good News-Bad News Effect: Asymmetric Processing of Objective Information about Yourself Justin Rao Yahoo! Research
September 24 Fairness and Cheating Joachim Winter University of Munich
October 1 Charitable Giving: The Effects of Exogenous and Endogenous Status Ori Heffetz Cornell University
October 8 Can Relational Contracts Survive Stochastic Interruptions? Sera Linardi University of Pittsburgh
Cancelled Cancelled Mary Rigdon Rutgers University
October 22 Overconfidence, Self-Deception, and Social Signaling – Slides Gary Charness University of California – Santa Barbara
October 29 Communication, Renegotiation, and the Scope for Collusion David Cooper Florida State University
November 5 Reward, Punishment, and Public Goods Paper 1|Paper 2|Paper 3 David Rand Harvard University
November 19 The Effects of Publicity on Demand: The Case of Anti-Cholesterol Drugs Andrew Ching University of Toronto
December 3 An Introduction to Bucket Auctions (for Charity) Jeffrey Carpenter McGill University
December 10 Natural Expectations vs. Rational Expectations | Background Reading David Laibson Harvard University

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