Experimental Economics Seminar for February 28

Events, Seminars | February 25, 2014

Join us for the next ICES Experimental Economics Seminar of the semester, featuring Laura Gee.

Professor Gee, of Tufts University, will discuss her paper The More You Know: How Applicant Pool Information Affects Application Rates. The talk will take place on Friday, February 28, from 4:00 to 5:30pm, in room 5183 of the Metropolitan Building, Arlington campus.

Visit the Seminar schedule to access the paper and to learn more about upcoming speakers.


Websites give job seekers access to many job postings, however applications are costly so it deciding which applications to complete is important. Using an experiment with two million job seekers, this paper finds that showing the number of previous applicants increases the likelihood of application by 3% representing a potential increase of thousands of job applications per week. Intuitively knowing the number of previous applicants could either decrease or increase the likelihood a person would apply. I find the behavior of job seekers is not consistent with herding toward more popular jobs, but can be explained by ambiguity or risk aversion. Additionally, in line with findings that women are more risk and ambiguity averse than men, the increase is driven by a rise in female applicants.

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