Experimental Economics and Game Theory Seminar for December 1

Events, Seminars | November 27, 2017

Join us for the next ICES Seminar in Experimental Economics and Game Theory of the semester, featuring Stephane Straub.

Prof. Straub, of the Toulouse School of Economics, will discuss his paperĀ (co-authored with Rumilda Canete, Josepa Miquel-Florensa, and Karine Van der Straeten) Voting Corrupt Politicians Out of Office: Evidence from an Experiment in Paraguay (Abstract). The talk will take place on Friday, December 1st, from 4:00 to 5:00pm in room 5183 of Vernon Smith Hall (formerly Metropolitan Building), Arlington campus.

Visit the Seminar schedule to access the paper and to learn more about upcoming speakers.


Corruption is a major threat to economic and social development. Democratic institutions are not necessarily conducive to less corruption. Voters may lack information on politicians’ wrongdoings, and political institutions may not allow voters to remove corrupt politicians from office. We develop a simple theoretical model describing voters’ behavior under alternative open and closed list proportional representation systems, and derive predictions regarding the impact of electoral rules and information on voters’ choices. We test these hypotheses in a survey experiment performed in Paraguay taking advantage of a rare social uprising following a corruption scandal. We find that under the open list system turn out and vote shares for the big political parties increase, especially so for the incumbent. While the open list system is good news for big parties as a whole, voters show heterogenous taste for corrupt candidates across parties.

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