Our Labs

Please visit our recruiter page to learn more and to sign up to be a participant in ICES experiments.

The main ICES laboratories are located in room 419 of Enterprise Hall on the Fairfax campus. One lab contains 28 computer terminals and a smaller lab contains 10 computer terminals. The majority of economics experiments take place at this location. ICES also utilizes facilities on the Arlington campus.

The Center for the Study of Neuroeconomics (CSN) has access to an Allegra 3T fMRI scanner, which reveals the location of brain activity in real-time by measuring hemodynamic response as subjects engage in economic decision making. The BeNeuro laboratory at the Krasnow Institute contains 16 computer terminals for use in economic experiments. Additionally, CSN owns Terraeconomicus, an island in the virtual world of Second Life®. It is home to George Mason University’s only virtual course, Economics of the Metaverse, where lessons, field trips, and presentations are completed from within the virtual world.