Experimental Economics Seminar Schedule

Seminars are held in room 5183 of the Metropolitan Building on GMU’s Arlington campus, from 4:00-5:00pm. Please visit our Seminar archive to see previous speakers and topics.

Spring 2016 2015

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
February 19 TBA Erez Yoeli Harvard University
February 26 TBA Johannes Haushofer Princeton University
March 4 Entitlements Laurent Bouton Georgetown University
March 18 Room 5075 TBA Tatiana Homonoff Cornell University
March 25 Room 5075 The Economic Costs of Low Caloric Intake: Evidence from India Heather Schofield University of Pennsylvania
April 1 Room 5075 The Welfare Effects of Nudges: A Case Study of Energy Use Social Comparisons Hunt Allcott New York University
April 8 TBA Charlie Holt University of Virginia
April 15 Room 5075 Economic Preferences in Kindergarten: Risk and Time Preferences and Coordination Behavior Mattias Sutter University of Cologne
April 22 Room 5075 TBA Luis Corchón Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
April 29 Room 5075 TBA Pedro Dal Bo Brown University